N-EXTLAW Newsletter: Project Updates

We’re delighted to share our first newsletter and update you on the previous activities of the Project and our plans for the upcoming year. With many exciting developments, including the addition of our new team member Mario and the commencement our PAR Study in Italy, we have much to share and are very much looking … Read more

PAR Study in the Netherlands Summary

In this blog, Amy and Nena give an overview of our ongoing PAR study in the Netherlands. They reflect upon the knowledge gathered through recent sessions held by the N-EXLAW team in connection our study participants, detailing the key outcomes. It further provides information on current projects resulting from these consultations. These include Profit in … Read more

Blog Post – ‘Teaching Law in Times of Overlapping Crises’

N-EXTLAW’s Marija Bartl has written a blog post on ‘Teaching Law in Times of Overlapping Crises‘, published on Verfassungsblog earlier today.  In this blog, Marija looks at the role of legal teachers in response to concurrent societal challenges. Marija proposes that it is the democratic task of legal teachers to change the perception of their students on the law’s capacity to … Read more

Call for Applications: N-EXTLAW Research Internship 

The N-EXTLAW Project is looking for research interns to work with our team. The internship will be for 1-3 days per week over a period of 3-6 months, depending upon the successful applicant’s preferences.   Applicants do not necessarily need to be based in Amsterdam, as most of the project’s meetings are held online.  The Project:  … Read more

Blog – ‘Levelling the Playing Field: Making the BVm Viable’

N-EXTLAW’s Zafar Shaikhli has written a blog post on ‘Levelling the Playing Field: Making the BVm Viable’. In this blog, Zafar discusses the uneven playing field between social and commercial enterprises due to the difficulties social enterprises face when attracting financing. Examining the Dutch BVm proposal and its lack of incentives, Zafar looks at other attempts … Read more

N-EXTLAW Working Paper: Experimental Regulation for Social Innovations

N-EXTLAW’s Marlie Janssens has written a working paper on ‘Experimental Regulation for Social Innovations’ as part of the N-EXTLAW Working Paper Series. In this working paper, Marlie argues that experimental regulation could offer a solution to unnecessary obstructions for social innovations by providing a more flexible legal framework that fosters innovation and stimulates social practices. After … Read more

N-EXTLAW Working Paper – Taking the Green Transition Seriously: A Proposal for a ‘Transition Reserve’

N-EXTLAW’s Marija Bartl and Nena van der Horst have co-written a working paper on ‘Taking the Green Transition Seriously: A Proposal for a ‘Transition Reserve’ as part of the N-EXTLAW Working Paper Series no1. Arguing that large emitters should be required to keep enough money on their accounts to be able to pay for the … Read more

N-EXTLAW Roundtable on Law & Diverse Economies – LSA Global Meeting 2022

On 16th July, N-EXTLAW hosted a roundtable on Law and Diverse Economies at the LSA’s 7th Global Meeting on Law and Society in Lisbon, Portugal. Held at the ISCTE University Institute from the 13th-16th July, the theme for this years conference was ‘Rage, Reckoning, & Remedy’. Over 4,500 participants joined a variety of sessions, roundtables, … Read more

N-EXTLAW Workshop – Voedsel Anders Conference 2022

On the 10th and 11th June, Voedsel Anders hosted their third Conference in Wageningen entitled ‘Together Towards a Democratic Food System’. We were delighted to take part in the conference and hosted a workshop on ‘Translating visions for sustainable food production into legal action’. Continue reading below to learn more about Voedsel Anders, the Conference … Read more