Transforming Ownership In Times of Overlapping Crises

N-EXTLAW has worked with colleagues from Utrecht University to organise an academic conference titled ‘Transforming Ownership in Times of Overlapping Crises’ taking place in Amsterdam on October 5-6, 2023. The goal of this event is to bring together academics, policymakers and practitioners of transformative practices from across Europe, to discuss some of the most pressing … Read more

N-EXTLAW Roundtable on Law & Diverse Economies – LSA Global Meeting 2022

On 16th July, N-EXTLAW hosted a roundtable on Law and Diverse Economies at the LSA’s 7th Global Meeting on Law and Society in Lisbon, Portugal. Held at the ISCTE University Institute from the 13th-16th July, the theme for this years conference was ‘Rage, Reckoning, & Remedy’. Over 4,500 participants joined a variety of sessions, roundtables, … Read more

N-EXTLAW Workshop – Voedsel Anders Conference 2022

On the 10th and 11th June, Voedsel Anders hosted their third Conference in Wageningen entitled ‘Together Towards a Democratic Food System’. We were delighted to take part in the conference and hosted a workshop on ‘Translating visions for sustainable food production into legal action’. Continue reading below to learn more about Voedsel Anders, the Conference … Read more

TEGL Lecture Series with Marija Bartl and Ingo Venzke

On the 26 April, Ingo Venzke (University of Amsterdam) and N-EXTLAW’s Marija Bartl (Principal Investigator, University of Amsterdam) gave a talk as part of the Transformative Effects of Globalisation in Law (TEGL) Lecture series 2021-2022. Discussing ‘What is the role of human rights in the law that structures the global economy?’, Marija and Ingo critically … Read more

#DemocratizingWork Webinar Series

Since April 2022, N-EXTLAW and #DemocratizingWork have been co-hosting a webinar series on ‘The Future of Work in the Netherlands – green, just, and democratic, or just the opposite?’. The series consists of three webinars, two of which have already taken place and the third of which is unfortunately cancelled until further notice. Read more … Read more

26th Ius Commune Conference Workshop: ‘Legal Realities of Extraction’

On Thursday 25th November at 13.00-18.15 (CET), N-EXTLAW is hosting a workshop for the 26th Ius Commune Conference on the ‘Legal Realities of Extraction’. Centred around the idea that the current capitalist economic model operates on the basis of ever-expanding, multi-layered extraction that harms humans, non-humans, communities and nature overall, this workshop invites contributions from … Read more

‘In good company: Participatory rights of stakeholders as a public interest’ – Erasmus School of Law Workshop

N-EXTLAW’s Kinanya Pijl will be giving a presentation today on ‘Participation by affected stakeholders in the context of banks’ corporate lending business’ as part of the Erasmus School of Law workshop ‘In good company: Participatory rights of stakeholders as a public interest’. This workshop explores to what extent businesses should take into account human rights … Read more

N-EXTLAW Seminar: ‘Post-Extractivist Economics’ by Donnie Maclurcan (Post Growth Institute)

Image: ‘Post-Extractivist Economics: Getting to the more beautiful world our hearts know and desire’ N-EXTLAW is excited to announce that on Tuesday 26th October at 15.00-16.30 (CEST), Dr. Donnie Maclurcan (Executive Director of the Post Growth Institute and Affiliate Professor of Economics at Southern Oregon University) will be giving a seminar on how our … Read more

Presentation at the European Banking Institute (EBI) webinar on Sustainable Finance

On Monday 28 June, our team member Kinanya Pijl will be presenting at the European Banking Institute (EBI) webinar on sustainable finance, focusing on a market perspective. Kinanya will discuss the narrative of change that Europe believes in to align banking with the objective of creating a sustainable economy. She will argue that this approach … Read more