“Legal realities of extraction” – Call for abstracts


26th Ius Commune Conference – 25 and 26 November 2021

N-EXTLAW is organizing a panel for the 26th Ius commune conference that will take place on Thursday 25 and Friday 26 November 2021. In case you are interested to present your paper in our panel, we warmly invite you to submit an abstract of the paper.

Conference Panel: Legal Realities of Extraction

The idea that the growth-driven capitalism operates on the basis of ever expanding multi-layered extraction, with harmful effects for humans, non-humans, communities and nature overall, is getting more and more traction across the social sciences and in public discourse in general. Such extraction occurs systemically in different spheres, from literal extraction of land and natural resources to extraction of living spaces, healthy environment, knowledge, labour and emotions. It entails both enclosures of shared resources, as well as large scale depletion of environmental and social resources on which life on our planet depends. While the role of law in enabling the present extractive social and economic model has used to be somewhat overlooked, a growing body of legal scholarship points at the crucial role that law plays in enabling, sustaining and perpetuating these modalities of extraction. In this panel, we invite contributions that use different critiques of extractive capitalism (e.g. degrowth movement, donut economics, (eco)feminism, anthropocentrism, externalities, diverse economies, climate justice, corporate purpose etc.) as means to flesh out both our understanding of different modalities of extraction and articulate the role of law in constructing, and eventually reconstructing, these harmful practices.

Contact: Vladimir Bogoeski, v.bogoeski@uva.nl

Abstract submission deadline: please submit your abstracts (250 words) by 30 September 2021.

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