Towards a more sustainable economy – talkshow Pakhuis de Zwijger


Image: Pieter Schenk en Rawpixel via Flickr

NEXTLAW’s Kinanya Pijl will reflect on how to get to a more sustainable economy tonight at 20.30 in the online talkshow of Pakhuis de Zwijger on the New Economy.

In the first episode of this talkshow which aired last week, the panelists looked at our economic system from a system dynamics point of view. They concluded that the rules governing our contemporary economic system are untenable. Tonight, we take a closer look at possible solutions to those untenable rules.

How do we get to an economy based on ecological health, social well-being, inclusion, justice and equality? The conversation focuses on money creation, the role of banks in our society, measuring societal well-being rather than GDP, and the type of education students need to be the gamechangers of tomorrow.

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