26th Ius Commune Conference Workshop: ‘Legal Realities of Extraction’


On Thursday 25th November at 13.00-18.15 (CET), N-EXTLAW is hosting a workshop for the 26th Ius Commune Conference on the ‘Legal Realities of Extraction’.

Centred around the idea that the current capitalist economic model operates on the basis of ever-expanding, multi-layered extraction that harms humans, non-humans, communities and nature overall, this workshop invites contributions from different critiques to flesh out both our understanding of different modalities of extraction and articulate the role of law in constructing, and eventually reconstructing, these harmful practices.

The workshop consists of three different sessions, the first on ‘Challenging Legal Regimes that Constitute and Justify Extractive Relations‘, the second on ‘Private Law and its Discontents: From a Source of Extraction Towards a Vehicle for Socio-Ecological Transformation?‘ and the third on ‘Confronting Further Enclosures and Expansions Towards New Spheres of Extraction‘.

Within these sessions, presentations will be given by academics from Utrecht University, Harvard Law School, the University of Cambridge, Glasgow School of Law, the Scottish Land Commission, Universidad Externado de Colombia and the University of Amsterdam.

The event is free to attend and more information on registration will be shared later on.

The draft programme is available to read below:

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