N-EXTLAW Roundtable on Law & Diverse Economies – LSA Global Meeting 2022


On 16th July, N-EXTLAW hosted a roundtable on Law and Diverse Economies at the LSA’s 7th Global Meeting on Law and Society in Lisbon, Portugal.

Held at the ISCTE University Institute from the 13th-16th July, the theme for this years conference was ‘Rage, Reckoning, & Remedy’. Over 4,500 participants joined a variety of sessions, roundtables, panels and plenaries to discuss various social, legal, cultural, economic and ecological issues, including topics such as equality, freedom, and humanity, race, colonialism and slavery.

N-EXTLAW was delighted to host a roundtable on ‘Law and Diverse Economies’ on Saturday 16th July, with a wonderful group of scholars from the University of New South Wales, the International Institute for Environment and Development, the University of Glasgow, Institute for Culture and Society, Brooklyn Law School and University of Amsterdam.

Below is the abstract from the session and outline of the participants.

Law & Diverse Economies:

While much of critical legal scholarship reflects on the role of law in constituting and sustaining the currently dominant socio-economic model focuses on capitalist economic practices, this roundtable will shift the focus to the role of law in blocking and enabling ‘diverse economic practices’. In the tradition of Gibson-Graham, diverse economic practices can be non-capitalist forms of enterprises, such as worker cooperatives and social enterprises. They can also be less visible forms of economic activity, such as unpaid caring labour and all kinds of reproductive labour, or the work performed by non-humans. Participants in this roundtable will discuss the relationship of (private) law with such diverse economic practices, aiming to provide answers to the question how law can obstruct or perform diverse economic practices.

Chair: Dana Brakman Reiser (Brooklyn Law School)
Roundtable Participants:
Marija Bartl (UvA)
Lorenzo Cotula (IIED)
Nicole Busby (University of Glasgow)
Bronwen Morgan (University of New South Wales)
Declan Kuch (Institute for Culture and Society)
Vladimir Bogoeski (UvA)

The roundtable was incredibly interesting with many wonderful inputs from all the participants. It was also great to hear from Val Napoleon & Rebecca Johnson (University of Victoria) who joined the discussion and inspired the panel through their work on indigenous law and economies.

We would like to thank all of our participants for their insightful and comments and discussions and greatly look forward to further collaborating in the future!

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