PAR Study in the Netherlands Summary

In this blog, Amy and Nena give an overview of our ongoing PAR study in the Netherlands. They reflect upon the knowledge gathered through recent sessions held by the N-EXLAW team in connection our study participants, detailing the key outcomes. It further provides information on current projects resulting from these consultations. These include Profit in … Read more

Blog – ‘Levelling the Playing Field: Making the BVm Viable’

N-EXTLAW’s Zafar Shaikhli has written a blog post on ‘Levelling the Playing Field: Making the BVm Viable’. In this blog, Zafar discusses the uneven playing field between social and commercial enterprises due to the difficulties social enterprises face when attracting financing. Examining the Dutch BVm proposal and its lack of incentives, Zafar looks at other attempts … Read more

Blog Post – ‘Reimagining Extractive Capitalism: Learning from Italy’s Banca di Credito Cooperativo’

N-EXTLAW’s Laetitia Bornscheuer and Kinanya Pijl have written a blog post on ‘Reimagining Extractive Capitalism: Learning from Italy’s Banca di Credito Cooperativo’, published on the Amsterdam Centre for Transformative Private Law Blog this afternoon. In this blog, Laetitia and Kinanya take Italy’s Banca di Credito Cooperativo (location Valdarno Fiorentino) as an example of a non-extractive economic practice and discuss the various ways … Read more

Discussing the Benefits and Challenges of Working with Participatory Action Research (PAR): Reflections from N-EXTLAW’s PAR Workshop

by Amy Lazell and Laetitia Bornscheuer In July 2021, N-EXTLAW hosted an online workshop on Participatory Action Research, ‘Understanding, applying and experiencing Participatory Action Research (PAR): A cross-disciplinary conversation’. This blog post reflects upon the presentations given in this workshop and the key comments and discussions which arose out of them. It will first provide … Read more