Policy Proposal: Transition Reserve and Transition Investment Plan for Large Polluters (English Version)

Marija Bartl and Nena van der Horst have written a policy proposal requiring large polluters to maintain a ‘transition reserve’ and develop meaningful ‘transition investment plans.’ It builds on their recent working paper: Taking the Green Transition Seriously: A Proposal for a ‘Transition Reserve’. This policy proposal outlines the potential legal mechanisms by which the … Read more

Blog Post – ‘Teaching Law in Times of Overlapping Crises’

N-EXTLAW’s Marija Bartl has written a blog post on ‘Teaching Law in Times of Overlapping Crises‘, published on Verfassungsblog earlier today.  In this blog, Marija looks at the role of legal teachers in response to concurrent societal challenges. Marija proposes that it is the democratic task of legal teachers to change the perception of their students on the law’s capacity to … Read more

Call for Applications: N-EXTLAW Research Internship 

The N-EXTLAW Project is looking for research interns to work with our team. The internship will be for 1-3 days per week over a period of 3-6 months, depending upon the successful applicant’s preferences.   Applicants do not necessarily need to be based in Amsterdam, as most of the project’s meetings are held online.  The Project:  … Read more