N-EXTLAW Welcomes Five Student Researchers


Five student researchers, all currently studying master’s in law, have joined the N-EXTLAW team as part of the new Academic Excellence Track (AcET) at the University of Amsterdam. Twenty-five students across the Law School have been selected to participate, alongside their current LLM programme.

Designed for students with evident research talent, the AcET involves taking a new class, Law as a Change Maker, topping-up the master’s thesis and completing a research internship on an Amsterdam Law School research project – one of which is N-EXTLAW. As a result, the N-EXTLAW project is delighted to have welcomed Laetitia Bornscheuer, Demirhan Çelebioğlu, Amy Lazell, Jesse Peters and Merel Livestro to the research team.

Currently the research students are assisting the N-EXTLAW team with developing the project’s theoretical framework on the private law of non-extractive economic practices. Moreover, the students are doing empirical research and investigating organisations which could potentially qualify as non-extractive (N-EXTs), whilst also helping to lay the groundwork for the empirical study by creating a concrete criteria to map and identify N-EXTs with. However, each student also has their own individual role for the duration of their research internship.

As the N-EXTLAW project wants to identify non-extractive economic actors (N-EXTs) across several countries and sectors, most of the research students have been assigned a particular sector or country to identify and investigate N-EXTs within.

Laetitia Bornscheuer, who is currently studying a master’s in European Private Law, is mapping N-EXTs in the Finance and Data/Technology sectors.

Demirhan Çelebioğlu is studying a master’s in Public International Law and is investigating N-EXTs within the Housing and Energy sectors.

Jesse Peters is primarily mapping N-EXTs in the Care and Consumer Goods & Services sectors within the Netherlands and is currently studying a Master’s in European Union Law.

Merel Livestro is studying the Dutch Private Law Masters (Privaatrecht) and is extensively mapping N-EXTs across different sectors in the Netherlands.

And Amy Lazell, who is currently studying a master’s in European Private Law, is helping to communicate research on N-EXTs and develop the project’s methodological approach (Participatory Action Research), particularly in building participatory communities.

N-EXTLAW is delighted to welcome these five student researchers to the team and looks forward to working with them to advance the project’s research.

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