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Law as a vehicle for social change:

Mainstreaming Non-Extractive Economic Practices (N-EXTs)

Towards a non-extractive future

Creating change

The ultimate goal of N-EXTLAW is to achieve a non-extractive, sustainable economic model. Our mission is to understand how we can rethink our legal framework to support sustainable economic practices.

In this way, law provides actions with meaning and can be used as a vehicle for social change.

Join our community

We use existing non-extractive economic practices as a starting point. This means that we are looking for partners that share our values.

We aim to set up a community of people and organizations to participate in our research. Our goal is to create concrete social change together.

Updates from the project

“Realistic about the world, appreciative about law, optimistic about change: a research project that aims to produce change.”

Marija Bartl

“N-EXTLAW empowers me to use legal research for social change. I really look forward to working together with practitioners towards a non-extractive future.”

Nena van der Horst

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