Marija Bartl

Marija is a Professor of Transnational Private Law at the Amsterdam Law School and the Director of the Amsterdam Centre for Transformative Private Law

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Marija teaches several courses, including ‘Private law in European and International Perspective’ and ‘Law as a Change-Maker’. Marija’s research agenda revolves around the relationship between law and social change.

Within the framework of her ERC Starting Grant for a project titled ‘Law as a Vehicle of Social Change: Mainstreaming Non-Extractive Economic Practices’, Marija focuses on the question how private law could nurture socially and environmentally non-extractive economic practices.

At present, Marija is completing a manuscript titled ‘Toward a New Collective Imaginary’, which aims to articulate the imaginary that will come to replace the neoliberal one.

Vladimir Bogoeski

Vladimir is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Amsterdam. His current work is situated in the intersection of private law, labour law and political economy of labour.

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As part of the N-EXTLAW team Vladimir works on questions of how private law structures work relations, focusing on worker cooperatives as an alternative model of organising economic activity and work. He is interested in critical approaches to law, participatory action research (PAR), organising and social movements.

Prior to joining the UvA Vladimir was a postdoctoral fellow at the Law Faculty of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He received his doctorate from the Hertie School in Berlin and completed the Doctoral Programme “Unity and Difference in the European Legal Area” at the Humboldt University European Law School. He holds a Masters Degree in European and International Law (LLM.Eur) from the University of Bremen, and an LLB from the Ss Cyril and Methodius University of Skopje. Prior to his doctoral studies, Vladimir spent several years working for the German Trade Union Confederation, counselling and assisting migrant workers with the Fair Mobility Project.

Kinanya Pijl

Kinanya Pijl is Assistant Professor in Private Law at the University of Amsterdam and specialises in sustainable finance and international responsible business conduct.

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For her doctoral research project, Kinanya has conducted extensive empirical research in the banking sectors in the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom to investigate the potential and limitations of Europe’s market-based approach to aligning the banking sector with the goals of creating a sustainable economy. Her dissertation provides a counter-narrative for more sustainable ‘sustainable banking’ in Europe.

Kinanya is interested in the relationship between banks and society; legal tools that serve a more sustainable economy; de facto regulation and regulators in our global economy; corporate purpose; and stakeholder accountability. She teaches company law, contract law and financial law at the University of Amsterdam and divides her time between Amsterdam and Florence. Kinanya aims to use her academic insights to help companies transform the way they do business.

Nena van der Horst

Nena is a PhD candidate at the Amsterdam Center for Transformative Private Law. Her research is on the organizational purpose. She is also interested in Doughnut economics.

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Nena is a Dutch scholar with a background in private law and economics. She obtained both her master’s degree in law (cum laude) and her master’s degree in economics at the Radboud University in Nijmegen. She is interested in sustainable private law, social purpose and Doughnut Economics.

Within the N-EXTLAW project, Nena’s PhD research studies how the organizational purpose should be legally designed so that it contributes to social change. She is planning to conduct ethnographic studies to investigate in depth how a purpose impacts people’s motivation and behavior on various levels of an organization.

Amy Lazell

Amy Lazell is a research assistant in the N-EXTLAW project. She previously studied a Master’s in European Private Law at the University of Amsterdam (cum laude) and hopes to do a PhD in the future. Within N-EXTLAW, Amy works in research communication and helps to develop the project’s methodological approach and build participatory communities.

Advisory Board

Our project relies on a number of very prominent academics as well as important representatives of civil society. They help us strengthen our legal, political-economic and methodological expertise.

The AB brings together notable academics who have worked on the junctures of sustainability, private law and regulation, accompanied by scholars who will strengthen our expertise in particular forms of economic practices or different disciplines (economics):

  • Prof. Beate Kristine Sjåfjell (Oslo)
  • Prof. Ugo MatteI (Turin, IT, Hastings, USA)
  • Prof. Hans W. Micklitz (European University Institute)
  • Dr. Alessandra Arcuri (Rotterdam)
  • Prof. Dan Danielsen (Northwestern USA)
  • Prof. Iris Goldner Lang (Zagreb)
  • Prof. Danijela Dolenec (Zagreb)
  • Dr. Werner Raza (Vienna)

The Advisory Board also brings together a number of important members of civil society who have served as nodes for the international cooperation of the practitioners of N-EXT’s:

  • Daniel Chavez (Transnational Institute, Netherlands)
  • Vedran Horvat (Institute for Political Ecology, Croatia)
  • Judith Delheim (Rosa-Luxemburg Foundation, Germany)
  • Donnie MacLurcan, (PostGrowth Institute, USA)
  • Dennis Berkel (Urgenda, NL)